An Innovation to Healthcare in New Jersey…
Introducing the Community Care Network… Where quality of care meets affordability.

With the cost of healthcare spiraling out of control, small and mid-sized employers are continuously looking for that healthcare option that will fit the needs of their employees and their families. The Affiliated Physicians and Employers Health Plan (APEHP) now offers four new innovative Community Care Network plans to their already extensive plan portfolio.

The APEHP Community Care Network offers

What the APEHP Community Care Network offers

  • 8 Healthcare Systems comprised of 16 hospitals
  • QualCare Regional HMO Network¹
  • 2 free PCP visits²
  • Multiple prescription offers
  • No referrals
¹Tier 2 Benefit
²Plan “N” (HSA) includes 2 free PCP visits after deductible.

The APEHP Difference

The APEHP difference

APEHP is a New Jersey MEWA health benefits program and has a long term history with their physician sponsors. They provide coverage to over 32,000 members through more than 2,000 employers statewide. APEHP believes in providing health care coverage at a cost people can afford.

The APEHP Advantage

The APEHP Advantage

Each Healthcare System offers a unique menu of health and wellness programs. In addition, our APEHP Affiliated Advantages gives our members added security by offering:

  • Fraud Resolution Protection
  • Wellness Rewards Program
  • Telehealth Services/Virtual Consults
  • Gym and Wellness Discounts

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