Looking for Healthcare Coverage?

We’ve got a health plan solution to fit your needs.

The Affiliated Physicians & Employers Health Plan (APEHP) is on a mission to provide affordable quality health coverage for every small to mid-size company and their employees. We do this through a non-profit healthcare trust, run strictly for the benefit of its association members.

The benefit of the APEHP is that it aggregates the buying power of its members, and provides coverage in a manner similar to many of the country’s largest companies, with substantially greater control.

Imagine having the buying power of an over 40,000 employee company available to you, regardless of the size of your own firm.

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“Switching to the Affiliated Physicians and Employers Health Plan through EANJ Health Care Trust was a great decision. As a result we have reduced our premiums substantially while enriching our benefits package. Employees have given positive feedback on the change. Truly a win, win, win!!!”
- William Sette, CEO, Preferred Behavioral Health

Wellness Tips

If using your treadmill for exercise, every 1% incline increases the calories burned by 10%. Thirty minutes of high-intensity exercise a day can help prevent weight gain and metabolic syndrome, adding an incline is a great way to boost intensity. Check with your doctor to make sure high-intensity activity is right for you.