Spiraling health care costs represent an enormous challenge to the profitability of small and mid-sized employers and their employees. Larger organizations have addressed these challenges by implementing their own self-funded arrangements as a way to control those costs and better manage their benefit programs. Through the use of an association based self-funded trust, the APEHP offer its members the same cost efficiencies larger organizations use to control their healthcare benefit costs.

Despite the growing trend toward self-funded alternatives, smaller businesses have been limited in their ability to develop their own strategies due to risk aversion or cash flow limitations.

The APEHP allows business to combine in a common self-funded non-profit trust, to reduce costs and gain access to a broader choice of health plan benefits. We provide multiple medical plan options, comprehensive provider networks, and other key benefits like pharmacy, dental, and voluntary benefits.

The APEHP looks very much like a traditional health benefit program but has its unique advantages:

  • No shareholder returns or executive compensation. All of the savings or “profits” go back into the plan to offset future costs or improve benefits.
  • The Plan is owned by the members.
  • The Board of Trustees is comprised of Hospital and Medical groups as well as Non-Medical business owners.
  • All trustees are non-compensated volunteers.
  • New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance Full Certificate of Authority.
  • Have flexibility over the insurance underwriting guidelines and obtains stop loss coverage from major reinsurers.

But the most important reason that we are different is we provide small and mid-sized businesses with greater choices at competitive rates. If you are interested in getting a quote for coverage for your company, click here.


Associations or other groups looking to offer coverage to your members?

What makes the APEHP so unique is its design. The APEHP was designed so it can be expanded to include additional associations under the same trust. If you are an association interested in becoming a sponsor of the APEHP, please contact us.

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